Talking about the advantages of the tumbler running in a vacuum state, now the tumbler is widely used in the food industry and can solve a lot of labor. The tumbler is widely used in some food factories, and the knowledge that everyone needs to master is: There are many, let’s take a look with the editor to see what are the benefits of the tumbling machine running in a vacuum state.


Vacuum degree: Vacuum is one of the important functions of the vacuum tumbler. The advantage of using vacuum tumbling in meat products is that by vacuuming, the air between the raw meat and its exudates can be discharged, so that thermal expansion will not occur in subsequent thermal processing and damage the structure of the product. Vacuum tumbler also helps improve the appearance color of cured meat products. The oxidation reaction during the curing process of meat products is extremely detrimental to the appearance and color of the products.


The use of vacuum rolling and kneading will not cause oxidation reaction in the long-term continuous production process. The vacuum helps remove air holes in the meat while ensuring the brine penetrates quickly into the meat, and the vacuum expands the meat to improve tenderness. However, the vacuum degree should not be too high, otherwise the moisture in the meat will be easily drawn out under high vacuum, which will affect the quality of the meat filling. Generally, the vacuum degree can be -0.04~-0.08 Mpa.


The vacuum in the tumbler has many advantages: it is to make the product tumble and knead in a vacuum state, which will expand the physical volume of the product and make it soft. Make the product taste better. Rolling and kneading products in a vacuum state will reduce the generation of heat when the product is rubbed and beaten. And the product will not oxidize under vacuum. The physical tissue of the product is bulky in a vacuum state, which is conducive to the absorption of excipients.


Post time: Nov-11-2022