Activating and Tenderizing Machine

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The tenderizer consists of an activation and tenderizing system. The activation system squeezes and compresses the fibrous tissue in the Patty. Productivity is greatly increased, and the tenderizing system can penetrate deep into the meat while maintaining its original shape. Meat can absorb enough saline and additives, so that the processing time is shorter, the tissue structure of the meat is better, and the finished product is soft and soft.

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This Tenderizer Machine comprises of activating and tenderizing systems. To activate the meat loaf, the activating system can squeeze and mangle the fiber tissue in the meat loaf. The productivity can be greatly improved, and the cutting surface is rather solid and good-looking. The tenderizing system can deeply-cut into the meat while the original shape is properly maintained. Sufficient saline and additives can be adsorbed by the meat during the course of rolling, kneading and massaging, resulting in a shorter process time, better tissue structure of the meat, and the final product features softness and tenderness.



Model Power(kw) Capacity(T/H) Cutter Spindle Speed(r/min) Blade Number(pcs) Voltage(V) Size(mm)
HN-120 0.75 2 124 104 380V 1050*800*1310


It can increase the yield of the product, and the section is dense. Beautiful; Tenderizing is cutting deep into the flesh to keep its shape. Let the meat fully absorb the salt water during the rolling massage. Excipients, etc., shorten the working time, improve the organizational structure of the meat, so as to make the meat soft. Getting tender.

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