Pneumatic Aluminum-coil Dual Clipper Series

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It is a proprietary product of China and uses German pneumatics, which provide excellent precision for its operation. Adopted Taiwan PLC and human-machine interface design. It has our patented clamping device with low failure rate. The automatic lubrication system is used to extend the service life of the equipment, with less failure, high efficiency and productivity.

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This is a proprietary product in China, having a history experience on its manufacturing for 5 years, built with the pneumatics from Germany, providing a superior precision for its operation. It also designed with PLC and the man-machine interface from Taiwan. It boasts of our patented clipping device, with rather low faults. With the automatic lubricating system being incorporated, this Clipper’s service life has been substantially extended for best services, also boasting low faults and high efficiency and productivity, and it is the 1st generation improvement of pneumatic dual clipper.




Model Clip Speed(Time/Min) Applicable Wire Dia.Of Al-coil Casing Range(mm) Air Pressure(MPA) Voltage(V) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
LSK2-A 28-45 ∮2.1/∮2.45/∮2.7 28-110 0.5-0.7 220V 310 1450*900*1700


This machine is in our factory first generation of mechanical double card machine on the basis of research and development of the second generation of new mechanical double card machine, for the first time in China; Is the replacement of pneumatic aluminum wire double card machine, in the leading position in China. The machine has simple and compact structure, tight sealing, beautiful buckle, firm and reliable, low failure rate and easy maintenance. The main drive of this machine adopts imported Japanese servo motor as power, and realizes full automatic program control, making the action more accurate. With typical human control, the operation is simple and clear. This machine can be used with various types of filling machines produced by our factory to achieve automatic production.

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