Quick-frozen Taiwan grilled sausage technology sharing with analysis of common quality problems of quick-frozen sausages

Taiwan grilled sausage originates from Taiwan and is widely loved. Taiwanese grilled sausage is sweeter and has its special spice flavor; it is mainly made of sausage, and it can be grilled, steamed or fried when eating. It is a leisure food suitable for any time. Meat food; traditional Taiwanese grilled sausages use pork as the main ingredient, but beef, mutton, and chicken are also acceptable, must contain appropriate fat, and taste may vary slightly.In recent years, the quick-frozen Taiwanese grilled sausage has been favored by consumers with children and women as the main consumer groups due to its fresh and moist color, crisp and sweet taste, sweet and delicious taste.The product is kept below -18°C during storage and circulation, so it has a long shelf life and is easy to store. It can be roasted and sold by rolling sausage machine in shopping malls, supermarkets and places where people move, or it can be fried and eaten at home. The eating method is simple and convenient. At present, the production and sales momentum of Taiwan grilled sausages spreads all over the country, and the development prospect is infinitely broad.

Quick-frozen Taiwan grilled sausage technology sharing with analysis of common quality problems of quick-frozen sausages

1. Required equipment

meat grinder, blender, sausage machine, fumigation oven, vacuum packaging machine, quick freezer, etc.

2. Process flow

Defrost raw meat → mincing → marinating → ingredients and stirring → enema → knotting, → hanging → drying → cooking → cooling → quick freezing → vacuum packaging → quality inspection and packaging → sanitary inspection and refrigeration

3. Process points

3.1 Choice of raw meat

Select fresh (frozen) pork meat from the epidemic-free area that has passed the veterinary health inspection and an appropriate amount of pig fat as the raw meat. Due to the low fat content of pork meat, adding an appropriate amount of pig fat with high fat content can improve the taste, aroma and tenderness of the product.

3.2 ground meat

The raw meat can be cut into cubes with a dicing machine, the size of which is 6-10mm square. It can also be minced by a meat grinder. The mesh plate of the meat grinder should be 8mm in diameter. Before the meat grinding operation, it is necessary to check whether the metal sieve plate and the blade are in good agreement, and the temperature of the raw material is cooled to 0 ° C to -3 ° C, which can be minced pork and fat fat respectively.

3.3 Pickled

Add salt, sodium nitrite, compound phosphate and 20kg of fat and ice water to pork and fat in proportion to mix evenly, cover the surface of the container with a layer of plastic film to prevent condensed water from falling and contaminate the meat filling, and store it in a low-temperature warehouse at 0-4°C Marinate for more than 12 hours.

3.4 Ingredients and Stirring

3.4.1 Recipe: Take 100kg of raw meat as an example, 100kg of No. 1 meat (or 15kg of pig fat, 85kg of No. 2 meat), 2.5kg of salt, 750g of P201 compound phosphate, 10kg of white sugar, 650g of monosodium glutamate, 80g of iso-VC sodium, cala 600g of glue, 0.5kg of isolated soybean protein, 120g of pork essential oil, 500g of sausage spice, 10kg of potato starch, 6kg of corn modified starch, appropriate amount of red yeast rice (100 color value), and 50kg of ice water.

3.4.2 Mixing: Accurately weigh the required accessories according to the recipe, first pour the marinated meat into the mixer, stir for 5-10 minutes, fully extract the salt-soluble protein in the meat, and then add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, Sausage spices, white wine and other accessories and an appropriate amount of ice water are fully stirred to form a thick meat filling. Finally, add cornstarch, potato starch, and the remaining ice water, stir well, and stir until it becomes sticky and shiny. , During the whole stirring process, the temperature of the meat filling should always be controlled below 10 ℃.

3.5 Lavation

The sausage is made of natural pig and sheep casings with a diameter of 26-28mm or collagen casings with a diameter of 20-24mm. Generally, it is better to use a protein sausage with a folded diameter of 20mm for a single weight of 40g, and the filling length is about 11cm. It is better to use a protein sausage with a folded diameter of 24mm for a single weight of 60g, and the filling length is about 13cm. The size of the sausage of the same weight is related to the filling quality , the enema machine is better to use an automatic kink vacuum enema machine.

3.6 tie, hang

The knots should be uniform and firm, the intestines should be placed evenly when hanging, and the intestines should not be crowded against each other, keep a certain distance, ensure smooth drying and ventilation, and do not rely on the white phenomenon when singing.

3.7 drying, cooking

Put the filled sausages into a steaming oven to dry and cook, drying temperature: 70°C, drying time: 20 minutes; after drying, it can be cooked, cooking temperature: 80-82°C, cooking time: 25 minutes. After the cooking is finished, the steam is discharged and cooled to room temperature in a ventilated place.

3.8 Pre-cooling (cooling)

When the product temperature is close to room temperature, immediately enter the pre-cooling room for pre-cooling. The pre-cooling temperature requires 0-4 ℃, and the temperature of the sausage center is below 10 ℃. The air in the pre-cooling room needs to be forcedly cooled with a clean air machine.

3.9 vacuum packaging

Use frozen vacuum packaging bags, put them into vacuum bags in two layers, 25 per layer, 50 per bag, vacuum degree -0.08Mpa, vacuum time more than 20 seconds, and the sealing is smooth and firm.

3.10 Quick-freezing

Transfer the vacuum-packaged Taiwanese grilled sausages to the quick-freezing warehouse for freezing. The temperature in the quick-freezing room is below -25°C for 24 hours, so that the central temperature of the Taiwanese grilled sausages quickly drops below -18°C and exits the quick-freezing warehouse.

3.11 Quality Inspection and Packaging

Inspect the quantity, weight, shape, color, taste and other indicators of Taiwan grilled sausages. After passing the inspection, the qualified products will be packed into boxes.

3.12 Sanitary inspection and refrigeration

Hygienic index requirements; the total number of bacteria is less than 20,000/g; Escherichia coli group, negative; no pathogenic bacteria. Qualified products are refrigerated in a refrigerator below -18℃, and the product temperature is below -18℃, and the storage period is about 6 months.

Post time: May-20-2023